Whole Foods locations in Denver

New to Denver? Here is a list of Whole Foods Market locations in Denver

Location 1 Cherry Creek
Address: 2375 E. 1st Ave
               Denver, CO
Phone: 720.941.4100
Fax: 720.941.8999

Location 2 Whole Foods Market - Capitol Hill
Address: 900 E. 11th Ave.
               Denver, CO
Phone: 303.832.7701
Fax: 303.832.3498

Location 3 Tamarac
Address: 7400 E. Hampden Ave, Unit D
               Denver, CO
Phone: 303.488.2000
Fax: 303.488.2008

Location 4 Washington Park
Address: 1111 S. Washington St.
               Denver, CO
Phone: 303.733.6201
Fax: 303.733.6013

Map for Whole Foods locations in Denver, Colorado